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What is LAMDA?

LAMDA EXAMS (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS

LAMDA stands for the London Academy of Music Dramatic Arts and is one of the traditional 'big three' drama schools in London (the others being RADA and Central).

As well as training students in their London campus, LAMDA have a system of external examinations, just as the Royal Schools of Music do with their graded exams in instruments. In the same way that someone might have lessons with a teacher and work towards a grade 3 piano exam, so your children have the opportunity to work towards a graded LAMDA exam.


How do they work?

LAMDA exams are tailored to the ability of different students of ages and experience. It is a measured way of obtaining progress in speech and drama. Students can be entered into to exams at 4 different levels :

Entry Level

Level 1 – Grades 1, 2, 3

Level 2 – Grades 4 and 5

Level 3 – Grades 6, 7 and 8 (Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, Gold Medal)

LAMDA exams are independently marked by an examiner out of a total of 100 and students can obtain a

pass 50-64

merit 65-79

distinction 80 +

Students will be entered into LAMDA exams via Centre Stars

What are the benefits?

  • LAMDA exams are widely known and have a long history, have been established for 130 years. They are recognised as developing specific skills in speaking clearly and with confidence, as well as enabling students to work in depth on a performance.

  • It helps to build confidence – students receive 1:1 tuition to develop their skills and work towards a solo presentation to an unknown examiner.

  • Focus on developing literacy skills – students work on understanding what they are saying, interpreting the meaning and knowing how to present it effectively.

  • Develops a deeper understanding of characterisation.

  • The exams are accredited and widely respected. The higher grades in LAMDA are worth

    UCAS points for university application.

  • Students have fun learning and presenting their chosen pieces (and often present them at school as well as Stagecoach)

  • LAMDA is a world-renowned centre and it is a great experience for the students to take part in such prestigious exams.


Where will the classes take place?

Classes will take place in the Common Room at Chorleywood Parish Council every Thursday:

How much do they cost?

£120 for a 10-week term, plus additional fees to take the exam. 


4-5 pm = ages 5-8

5:15 - 6:15pm = ages 9-12

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