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FAQs: Welcome


All our Stage School classes are tailored to each child’s needs and ability. The aim of this class is to build your child’s confidence, teach them new skills and most important of all, let them have fun! We are all about the fun factor at Centre Stars.

This class is perfect if you want your child to explore their creativity regardless if they have never danced/sung/acted before or if they’ve been to another school prior. There is something for everyone.

Stage Curtains


Our joint older ballet and tap classes are perfect for children who have or haven't taken part in a ballet or tap class before. Our wonderful Ballet & Tap teacher will make sure that your child feels confident and comfortable throughout the class.

Yes, this class is fab to build rhythm and improve co-ordination, however Centre Stars is all about the fun factor, so we make sure that our older ballet and tap classes are engaging and leave your children with a big smile on their face!

Shiny black tap Shoes


Our joint baby ballet and baby tap classes are full of excitement and fun. We believe in teaching baby ballet and baby tap through imagination and games is a great way to learn.


This class will keep your child engaged for the full hour and we promise that they won't get bored. Baby ballet and baby tap is great way to introduce your child to dance.

Young Ballet Class


What is Street Dance? We get this question all of the time, so don't worry, you're not alone! Think of your favourite music video, or favourite TV show that has dancers on it (X factor, Britain's Got Talent, Brit Award's) where they dance to pop music. That's Street Dance! It's so much fun and really popular.

Street Dance is a style of dance that is full of energy and will have your child turning, posing, and showing off their favourite moves.

Street Dancer
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