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What To Expect From The First Class...

Turning up to a new class can be a little worrying for your child, which we totally understand. We're here with a friendly smile and opening arms to ensure that your child feels safe, happy and confident in our classes.

Before, During And After The Free Trial

Here you will find everything you need to know to get you and your child set up for our free trial.


Ahead of the class you should have been sent a link to register your child's details. Just incase you missed it, here it is again :

What to wear

Please can you ensure that your child is in comfy clothes, including trainers, to the trial. If they have dance shoes that are relevant to the class, they are welcome to wear them. 

What to bring

All children should bring a small snack (no nuts please) and a drink to class. The children will have a short toilet break where many of our pupils like to have a quick snack. 

Do parents hang around?

Parent's do not watch the class. We find this is very off putting to the child trialling as well as our current pupils who are already in the class. We encourage all of our parents to say goodbye at the door and then they are welcome to hang around outside, or some of our venues have waiting areas. 

After the trial

Once the trial is over, Melissa will be in touch with you to see how your child got on. We are confident that they would have had the best time! Feedback will also be given from the teacher leading the class. The sign up process will then begin if you sign up, which we're sure you will!

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